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iRaw Healthy Habits

iRaw Healthy Habits

Business type: Manufacturer

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Main products: Vegan Savoury Snacks,Vegan Sweet Snacks,Raw Vegan Quiche,Raw Vegan Cookies,Raw Vegan Desserts

Annual revenue:

Year established: 2005

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  • Total number of employees: 3
  • Total number of Research & Development employees: 1
  • Total number of Quality & Control emplyees: 1
Nearest Warehouse
  • Average lead time for the orders: 1
  • Delivery terms: DES
  • Size: 200
  • Location:Croydon
  • Number of production lines: 17
Accepted payment PayPal
*Own label product production This supplier can produce the products with your own label or brand No
*Different Case sizes product production This supplier can do different case sizes depending on your requirements Yes
Certification Organic
Awards Free From Food Award, Janey Loves Platinum Gold, International Innovative Award Best Green Snacking

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