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PECK drinks

PECK drinks

Business type: Manufacturer

Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom

Main products: PECK Protein drink Strawberry & Lime,PECK Protein drink Raspberry & Blueberry,PECK Protein drink Mango & Passionfruit

Annual revenue: 50,000

Year established: 2015

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  • Total number of employees: 2
  • Total number of Research & Development employees: 2
  • Total number of Quality & Control emplyees: 1
Nearest Warehouse
  • Nearest: Felixstowe
  • Average lead time for the orders: 7
  • Delivery terms: CFR
  • Size: 600
  • Location:Suffolk
  • Number of production lines: 1
Accepted payment PayPal
*Own label product production This supplier can produce the products with your own label or brand No
*Different Case sizes product production This supplier can do different case sizes depending on your requirements Yes
Trademarks Logo and trading name.

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