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Dear Customer

I would like to welcome you personally to Keemat. If you are reading this page then you must be one of the many customers who have joined us. 


The idea for Keemat was born when I used to work as a Business Development Manager for a wholesale company in the food industry I saw many businesses successfully launch and develop but unfortunately many others who had lost it all. Over nearly 10 years I saw that many businesses failed because of their weak food supply, lack of stock availability from their suppliers and of course high prices. In my experience many small and independent businesses were much more dependent on their sometimes limited information about where they could buy stock. They were having to run around and buy from different suppliers in order to save money and maintain a good range of products as they could not find everything in the same place. 


At the same time, independent specialist food suppliers used to contact me with requests to promote their products to our customers hoping to increase their sales and grow their businesses.


For many years, I was always in the middle, caught between supply and demand. I have always believed that you can achieve anything you want if you help others to achieve what they want too. I always wanted to apply my entrepreneurial skills and so I decided to help business owners and trade buyers to save time, money and improve their product ranges. I also wanted to enable food suppliers to reach new customers and improve their businesses. My idea was to create one place where everyone can find the right food products they need for their business – whether you’re looking for products from independent food makers to established food suppliers at wholesale prices that can be delivered direct. Keemat is here to help you.


I’ve been blessed to meet some great people who’ve supported me through thick and thin. And I would like to pay back in any way I can. Due to some personal circumstances, helping kids is something very close to my heart. Being Ukrainian born, I know what some less fortunate kids are going through. And I mean here a real lack of basics where proper food and clothes are luxuries in some orphanages. So we also use a percentage of any profits from Keemat to work with different charitable organizations aimed at helping orphans in Ukraine. 


Thank you for reading and welcome again to Keemat!


Kind Regards,

Kat Leclerc,  Founder