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All you need to do is to go online and register as a supplier for FREE. What happens next?

- you can upload all details online including product information and company information

- if you decide the sell the products you can do so by changing the product status in your product catalog and stating your minimum order, delivery charges etc. You are in a complete control with 24/7 access to your account

- a member of our team will give you a call to welcome you to Keemat and go through any questions you may have

Get listed

Its your decision if you would prefer to sell online or not. Its completely your choice. You can choose the option to sell the product online  by accessing you account/ My Catalog/ Create a new product 

If you decided to choose to get listed with us. We will

- include the summary of all NEW suppliers joined in the last month email communication to all buyers

- continuously promote Keemat as brand using social media, different blogs, online publications

- display TOP logo next to your listing in all pages, typically this will give 50% more business leads

- put 5 of your products in the promotional category on the front page

- send out an email with all information about your company e.g. products you specialize in, your contact details etc

- create 5 banner advertisement for 1000 views in your preferred category

Become TOP supplier

Approved status means that the supplier is legally registered business or trading entity. Its not the indication that is of the quality of the products or service offered by the supplier. It guarantees the buyers that the contact information and business details are verified. This helps the buyers to make a decision and trade with more confidence. 

To apply and receive an Approved supplier status, you can do so by applying for TOP membership . One of our team members will be in touch with you to carry out the number of verification steps to authenticate the information about your business

If you have got an Approved status and have got some questions, please contact us

Become an Approved supplier

Keemat works pretty much in 'Amazon' style. You can register , create your online catalogue yourself  with 24/7 access. You can easily amend / update your information at any time. It is your responsibility to maintain your prices, delivery and products information accurately.

 We assume that all products are available and in stock. Your can change product status in your personal account.

My Account- My catalogue - Choose product, then an option to disable or enable it

We encourage you to have a sample product available for the buyers. We can display it on our website free of charge. You will receive then a direct request for any free sample.

We assume the product list set up in your account is accurate and therefore all products should be available for the customers to purchase. You can change/ delete any product by looking into your account. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Yes, sure. We can do it up to a maximum number of 30 products. You will have a full access and control over your online catalogue. This option is available only for TOP suppliers

Become top supplier

Sure, no problems. Just log into your account and choose 'My Catalog', Add Products. You call add all product details including price and minimum order

Yes, of course. You can do it by accessing your account any time you wish.

We would encourage you to send POS to your business owners too. It helps to sell it quicker and promote your business.

It is not a problem, our IT department can create an online catalog using our internal system that will upload and maintain all information automatically, so you don't need to do anything. Please, note that this service is chargeable due to the IT involvement and extra work that they would need to do, and there is one off charge to set it up. The price depends on the complexity of the project and could be anything from £400 to £600.

We have made a commitment to our customers that all products will be delivered within 3-5 working days in the UK. It's your responsibility to send the products directly to the retailers. We are confident that you would like to try your products as soon as possible too.

What happens?

  • you receive the order
  • email is sent to you confirm the order
  • log in into your account to accept the order and view all details
  • once the order has been shipped, log into your account to change the status of the order
  • once the order is received by the retailer, we will process the payment to you automatically so you dont need to do anything

 Once the order has been received by the buyer we will process the payment within 21 days automatically. You dont need to do anything. However, we would strongly recommend to keep a proof of delivery note for all orders.

 You deliver the products yourself. You can set your delivery service charges in your account and it will be automatically added to your company and product pages

 If you are using your own courier service we would strongly recommend you to have the insurance in place and get the customer to sign for the delivery.


Its depends on the supplier's product range, delivery set up and minimum order and depend on supplier products. Our average order £100-150 pounds per order

Yes, you can communicate with the buyers via Keemat direct by accessing your own account ( My Messages). We will send you an email each time when you receive a message and  it's free of charge!

Yes, sure you do it. The system works out automatically buyers geographical location

Its depends on the supplier's product range, delivery set up and minimum order. Our average order is £100-150 

It depends on the supplier. Some suppliers prefer to have it delivered via their own couriers, some have got their own distribution system. If you dont have none of this, to help you to distribute the products, we have negotiated a discount with Parcelforce where they can delivery any parcel up to 32 kg per parcel for £7.42. They would collect any parcel from your premises and deliver it to the buyer direct.

All products are listed in different categories. Product visibility  depends on the number of the same products in  any specific category. However, when you get TOP or VIP membership, your products will be automatically listed on the top of the page in your chosen category.

Independent business owners e.g. cafe, restaurant, convenience shop owner. 90 % of our buyers are all registered and based in the UK.

No, its free of charge. We will take 8% to cover our costs only when you receive an order

We will promote your products through Linked in and other social media channels. We will aslo do an email marketing campaign informing about new suppliers registered.  Any new registered suppliers can also display one product on the landing page and up to 5 products in promotions category to give more exposure to your products.

Yes,  we have got only registered businesses. When the buyers register they have to provide their VAT, company registration details etc. They cant buy anything until they provide all these documents .

 Basically you state the delivery radius where you could deliver and get paid cash. When you would receive an order, we will call the business to make sure that it was an intended order. You would deliver the products, get paid in cash ( on the amount you deliver ), we will produce the invoice for our commission of 8% ( for free supplier accounts)

You would have 1 month to transfer our commission of 8% direct to us.

No, you can be registered anywhere.

It is up to you to set up as a minimum order though we would recommend to start from  £50 to £100 depending on the type of the products

Please, just follow this link